Universkin – P Light Moisturiser 50ml



The Nexultra™ P Light Moisturiser is a patented combination formula fulfilling three essential functions; anti-inflammatory, moisturising, and repairing. It has been developed for patients who are searching for functionality, usefulness and efficacy. Nexultra™ P light provides a lightweight texture in a fragrance-free emulsion. It’s suitable for normal, oil and combination skins, blemish-prone skins, fragile and stressed skins.

Nexultra™ P light represents the most advanced biomimetic technology from Unvierskin™. The “P” stands for Peptides; nexutlra P light is supercharged with all four biomimetic peptides – ECM Protect, Melitane, Thymulen and Kollaren.
The exclusive and high concentration of these biomimetic peptides, elegantly formulated into nexultra™ P, help skin restore its natural function. These peptides can help stimulate normal immune defense functions of the skin, protect against oxidative stress, protect DNA from environmental aggressors, regulate natural pigmentation, and induce renewal of the firmness proteins, a.k.a. the youth proteins.
A new generation of Clean Beauty:
Nexultra™ P is formulated with no harmful ingredients
· Vegan
· Cruelty free
· Gluten free
· No controversial preservatives (such as phenoxyethanol, MIT, and MCIT)
· No mineral oil
· No endocrine disruptors
· No genetic modified organism (GMO)

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