Cutting-edge cosmetic skin procedures by internationally renowned thought leader, industry mentor and Master of Natural, Dr Cosima.

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From Beverly Hills to Berlin, Dr Cosima has trained in some of the world’s most prestigious Cosmetic Clinics, practising the fine art of face, neck and decolletage harmony through anti-aging treatments and wrinkle reduction.

Now trainer to Australia’s advanced aestheticians, Dr Cosima’s industry expertise is as widely sought after as her authentic, gentle and personal approach to achieving each and every one of her clients’ aesthetic objectives.

Who the industry turns to when they need to upskill their advanced aestheticians

Dr Cosima

Once a month, Dr Cosima opens her clinic bookings to new clients. This enables her to maintain the highest level of care, attention and follow up for her existing patients.

This same level of accountability and care is extended to new patients from the moment they walk in the door. Dr Cosima’s calm and reassuring demeanour is as natural as her cosmetic results, and the attention she dedicates to every one of her clients is refreshingly uncharacteristic of the medical profession.

If you want to regain confidence, maintain your best assets and discreetly enhance your appearancewith a safe, sustainable and highly personalised treatment plan, request a consultation with Dr Cosima below.

As a key opinion leader and clinical trainer for the cosmetic industry I am an advocate for removing the negative stigma associated with cosmetic treatments. Performed with experienced precision and an aesthetic eye, clients can achieve the aesthetically natural results they desire.”


  • Face

    Dr Cosima achieves anatomically precise and aesthetically natural results using the latest aesthetic treatments and technology available today.

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  • Dr Cosima – Skin


    With Dr Cosima’s expert guidance your skin will be smoother, clearer and healthier.

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  • Dr Cosima – Body


    Maintain shape, recover faster and remove unwanted fat with medically-tested algorithms designed to burn calories, mobilise lymph fluid and promote smoother skin contours.

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