About Us

Meet the Dr Cosima Medispa team

With over 20 years combined experience, a focus on natural results and an unrivalled level of patient care, Dr Cosima’s clinic has developed a reputation for excellence extending far beyond its Edgecliff locale.

Patients from across Sydney and interstate go to great lengths to maintain their tailored treatment plans with Dr Cosima, whose expertise, precision and caring nature have proven simply irreplaceable. 

You won’t know a Dr Cosima patient when you see one; such volume and contouring must surely be genetic. But good secrets are hard to keep…

Dr Cosima

FFMACCS , Cosmetic Physician

Dr Cosima studied Medicine at UNSW (Sydney), graduating in 2006 and trained at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney in both medical and surgical fields. She is a proud perfectionist, caring doctor and applies her extensive knowledge of facial anatomy with artistic talents to achieve aesthetically precise results every time.

Launching Dr Cosima Medispa in 2008, she has developed advanced treatment techniques and uses only cutting-edge technology in her practice. She believes pre and post-treatment care are equally as important as choosing the right treatment, and each client receives a bespoke plan that is gentle and progressive to achieve a natural appearance, always.

Allira – Nurse

Cosmetic Nurse and Practice Manager

The amazing Allira was handpicked by Dr Cosima for her skills and talent in creating a fresh rejuvenated appearance whilst maintaining a completely Natural Look.

Allira has worked with Australia’s leading Cosmetic Clinics, including working with the leader in active acne and scarring solutions. She was involved in treatment trials and provided staff training, became a shareholder of a brand new clinic and was involved in its set-up as well as responsible for the growth of two clinics.

Allira is highly trained professional who keeps up to date with the latest in anti-ageing and corrective skin treatments. She has nearly twenty years experience with cosmetic treatments, leading anti-ageing treatments, treatment of acne and scarring, hormonal pigmentation, scar reduction and aesthetic treatments.

Angela – BAHSc

Dermal Clinician

Angela is a dedicated, caring, and skilled dermal clinician with a commitment to enhancing skin health and quality of life. With a fervent passion for skin health, she excels in a myriad of treatments including chemical peels, lymphatic drainage, IPL, dermal needling, and more she’s immersed in the quest for effective skincare solutions tailored to diverse skin types, and is deeply committed to addressing the unique needs of ethnic skin with precision and care.

Angela is dedicated to providing treatments that are not only effective, personalised and holistic but also safe and has a thirst for knowledge. Her expertise extends to areas such as wound healing, lymphatic procedures, and the nuances of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, including skin cancer studies.

Above all, her mission is to empower individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin!

Fun Facts:

Angela does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, played piano at the Opera House (Twice!) and has a pet Groodle named Vinnie


Client Liaison

Emmanual joined the Dr Cosima team in late 2023 and loves working with us! He has extensive experience with customer service and loves helping people. You’ll find he is approachable, patient and welcoming – the perfect combination for greeting you when you arrive.

After initially undertaking multi-disciplinary studies with a view to bilingual teaching, he accepted an opportunity as a student teacher with a great team. Later he moved into retail where he honed his customer service skills and desire to support others.

Fun Facts:

Emanual moved here from Houston, Texas and loves the Aussie lifestyle. He speaks fluent Spanish, and loves trail walks, travelling and the beach.

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