Dermal Filler

Dermal Fillers are used to balance and create facial harmony, restore volume, enhance facial features that have lost volume over time. As we age our bones and fat pads shrink, leading to a loss of volume and laxity in the skin. Our long-lasting Dermal Fillers combats this by re-volumising the areas that have lost dimension to create a defined and youthful look. Dr Cosima specializes in what she calls the “reverse ageing” treatment technique which focuses on turning back the clock rather than changing your natural beauty. 

Dermal filler can of course also be used to enhance and glamorise your best features or those you would like to work on a little. Best of all Dr Cosima has an eye for creating the most minute and subtle enhancements that have a major impact to help finesse your beauty without changing your appearance.

“As a trainer for many of Australia’s advanced injectors, I know how to achieve anatomically precise and aesthetically natural results for my clients.” – Dr Cosima

Suitable for

Balancing symmetry, facial contouring, lifting, revolumizing and softening of lines and folds


1-2 days (treatment dependant – expect):

None to significant bruising, mid to moderate swelling, some tenderness. No makeup to be applied to the area after treatment. Avoid applying firm pressure to the area for up to two weeks unless otherwise advised by your practitioner.


6 – 18 months (treatment dependant)


A full consultation is required for every client. Your consultation will involve 3D images taken before and after your treatment for progress monitoring and treatment planning. A full facial analysis will be undertaken to determine the type and volume of dermal filler required to address your concerns. A tailor made treatment plan will then be formulated to best meet your individual needs.

Procedure times vary dependant on individual circumstances, however usually 30 -45 minutes.


We use a wide variety of dermal fillers that enables us to treat specific areas and concerns on an individual and specific basis, therefore there will be variations in the pricing.

Our prices are a guide, however a full quote will be provided at your appointment.

Dr Cosima
$150 Initial Consultation

Dermal Filler 1mL $795
Dermal Filler 2mL $1495
Dermal Filler 3mL $2150
Dermal Filler 4mL $2800
Dermal Filler 5mL $3450

Cosmetic Registered Nurse
$150 Initial Consultation

Lip Dermal Filler 1 mL – $650
Dermal Filler 1mL – $750
Dermal Filler 2mL – $1340
Dermal Filler 3mL – $1895
Dermal Filler 4mL – $2399
Dermal Filler 5mL – $2769

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